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Starting from 2014, we begin our coding journey and applied HKSTP's Incubation Programme with our innovative & practical iBeacon Solution successfully. At the same year, we became a member company of Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. In 2015, we have reformed and successfully applied another funding with our Internet of Things (IoT) Platform which required much more technical knowledge.

Trend of Future

IoT stands for Internet of Things, Internet enables the communication among electronics, networks and the cloud. These electronics with embedded sensors are continuously generating data and send to the cloud database through the wired or wireless networks.

A number of reports have shown that, there will be 50 billions of smart home devices shipped around the world in 2020, and the revenues will be $7.1 trillions US dollars. This is a growing trend and this is what we are doing in these few years.

What we Do

IoT Cloud Platform

By our in house development platform, we provide a extendable and secure platform for IoT devices.

AI Virtual Assistant

With the AI Virtual Assistant technology, we can make the smart things to be more intelligent and more human

IoT Module Integration

With more then 3 years experience in developing IoT devices, we can give you an advise which is the best protocol to fit your case.

Smart Home Platform

The devices which connecting to our Smart Home Platform are able to control by voice commend and able to interactive with thirty party devices.

Automotive Power App

Our app connect to a smart MCU charger, it help user to control and keep track the charging status and the battery status at real time.

Elderly Care System

Through the use of our system, Elder and their families can easily review their health situation and encourage to improve themselves.

Awesome App

We aim to create a smooth, elegant and clean application. Explore with different technology to find a way to enhance the User Experience.

Data Analytics

By using our IoT Cloud Platform, we can help you to turn the volume, variety, and velocity data into a valuable data.

AI ( M.L. & D.M. )

Coming soon.

Technologies we Use

Bluetooth Mesh & 5.0

Bluetooth Mesh allow client to create multiple controls experience with low cost. And Bluetooth 5.0 can allow client to create a device with farther distance, faster speed and more data compare with 4.2

Wi-Fi Network

Wifi is the one of most common use wireless technology, which allow client to focus on their product without worry about the capability for household.

Zigbee & zWave

Zigbee and ZWave  both require a specific gateway to connect all the smart devices which allow client to create a full collection of device with different needs.


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